Yvonne Spence and her days of compassion

I am still tweaking blog sites and web pages.  My intention is to change the blog sites to web sites but have come to halt on what design I wish to have.  I have my domain names ready just not the design!  It will come.

In the meantime I am trying to tidy up and put some order on the sites I have. Like my home and garden they have been sadly neglected while I have been ill. I wanted to close down one blog, and although WordPress assures me it is easy to import them to here, I have not found it so.  Now in the process of moving them manually. Tedious but I am almost there. I will have to add an archive button and check everything is working. Like the tortoise I will win:)

The great story for last week was the splendid turn out for 1000speak blogothon. Created by Yvonne Spence her ambition was to get the blogging world talking about compassion. Her expectations have been far exceeded and the movement is now geared to do this mass blog more often .  So if anyone else wants to join in, the group can be found on facebook .  Look up some of the amazing blogs that were posted that day.

Compassion is an often misused and overlooked word. It is also a very important word and as such I have it, or at least the spirit of the word, in abundance in my Chronicles. At the beginning of the life of The Sefuty Chronicles people kept saying it was dystopian, I was never happy with that label. My books are hopeful. Compassion is what drives the renewal of a trashed world.

I learnt the true power of compassion on my travels. I came across compassionate acts many times, towards me , towards others. It is a natural instinct for most of mankind. We forget it, ignore it, trample on it at our peril.

There’s nothing much to add this week, still recovering from being poorly and an attack of arthritis = swollen hand

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