when society collapses

The world of The Sefuty Chronicles is a grim place. During the Great Wars caused by climate change and lack of resources, many towns, villages and farms chose to hide, from the rioting hordes of desperation, behind rings of land mines. This was done with the promise of release when the war was over. The war never was over, the fighting became more localized, smaller but never finished, there was to be no rescue.

 Not for 50 years.

So what resources did they have to enable them to survive on limited land, limited free sources?

They had their own knowledge, gleaned from a time when all modern conveniences had been at hand. If they were lucky they had a library of books, but it was chance what subjects they covered.The towns and villages had food for awhile in their shops and seeds and plants in their nurseries and the farmers had crops or livestock to hand.

Expertise in the various populations was variable. The farmers and gardeners probably being the better off. But they had a lack of artificial fertilizer and all them had a lack of mobility, due to the mines therefore any hope of trade or exchange was minimal. Vets and doctors only they were within the rings of mines – and how long would medicines hold out

What you had when the mines went down, was what you had.

For a few months that would probably have sufficed, after all, with proper management, products in shops and barns could be rationed and kept.

But 50 years and then it’s a whole new game.

And what of those who did not choose to be put behind the mines. Those who trusted that the authority which had kept security in place for so long. Those who ‘knew’ authorities would help, after all, what did they pay their taxes for? What was in store for them when those authorities fell?

When security vanished and law and order became an historical footnote.

Theft, looting, chaos?

Is it possible to reorganize society without those three aspects coming before? Can the good and the righteous prevail against those who disdain these virtues? Indeed can the good and the righteous remain so, if their families are starving and there are bleak choices ahead?

What would happen to the authorities and the security forces? Could they have made a comeback within those 50 years and rescue the population? Would they consider them at all in the aftermath of the Great Wars?

Is it possible for a nation’s authorities to completely abandon the population?

What? who? would be needed to restore a nation to peace?

In 50 years how many would still be alive?

 So that was the premise of the Chronicles, Now with this 4th part, The Children’s Tale, a new generation is growing up, the great wars and famines have gone, the millions fighting for resources are dead. What manner of world are the children inheriting.

Safe and secure?

Lawless and cruel?

Is  it a world which can be rebuilt?


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