When researching is grim

I enjoy researching, and researching for a novel can be fun. Or not.

The current work in progress is the 4th in The Sefuty Chronicles, The Children’s Tale. It has proven difficult to write for various reasons, but the hardest I think has been because it is about the children. Children in the continual aftermath of a global war and consequent meltdown, the insecurity of life and the fresh outbreak of fighting.

I have three groups of children, roughly those, who are born to fairly secure backgrounds and history but living out in the war torn countryside, and who fear for their own future if order is not restored. Those who have inherited the fears and prejudices of the parents who had been part of the global conflict and are yet to learn trust. Then those who are part of the fresh wars, who are displaced and terrified.

I think all of us with imagination can to a certain extent project themselves into these positions; without homes, hope or help,feel how terrifying it might be. But no-one who hasn’t lived through it can truly feel it.

Impossible to write from these safe islands.

I am finding it so.

It maybe a work of fiction set in the next century but the basic fears and traumas are going to be the same as long as we are talking about humans (I cannot speak for extra terrestrial beings:)

I have been reading some grim books lately – first hand accounts of traumatized children refugees and abused women. Going distressingly far deeper than the graphic visions on the television screens.

How fragile the veneer of civilization when law and order breaks apart and disintegrates.

No this is not proving to be an easy book to write.

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