war is nasty

A stray comment this morning over the breakfast table led the conversation from a piece of eggshell to the use of boiling oil in medieval warfare and endless questions and discussion of the whys and wherefores. It ‘s the kind of spin out of control thought process my friend from forever/editor and I enjoy. Plenty of flaws and questions to be found – oil/animal fat? – actually boiling/just hot? how could it be managed?we couldn’t see boiling anything would inflict much harm dropped from a distance, when the air around on the downward flight would serve to cool said repellent. Of course it had to be checked – and no, not oil but water and then not that often.  We like out myths to be as terrible as possible.  Anyway two old ladies enjoyed following their imaginations from the chip of eggshell to the dark ages, makes a good start to the day:)

I mention this only because the writing of the Sefuty Chronicles has necessitated me to carry out a great deal of research on ancient forms of warfare.  In a land of no modern machines and no fossil fuels fighter would have had to revert back to methods of attack our forebears used.

I have read some savage books over the past few years, in this research, which have mostly repelled me but also, oddly interested me. I am not a violent person at heart.  In the abstract I have been interested in the ingenuity and inventiveness of warfare, however, it only needs the vision of news from around the world to find the disgust and sorrow of that inventiveness. Wars are no longer great and noble adventures, if indeed they ever were.  No longer’ let us meet at daybreak on such and such moor and fight each other’s soldiers until sunset and then rest for the night’ affairs if indeed they ever were. Whatever the justification, whatever the classification – good war / bad war, – war is nasty.

Aside from thought from the breakfast table I have had a gentle week – discussing journal covers shared a smile or three on Three Thing Thursday here on kiss a frog,

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