Utilitarian v Ornamentation

I have missed a few days here and elsewhere on cyberspace. Perfectly good reasons if I could remember them! The last was a disconnect between my machine and the Internet. Ah well I am back.

 I have attended a workshop on textured embroidery and one of the things I brought away was a superb book on Celtic, Viking & Anglo-Saxon Embroidery. I have been interested in old crafts for many years. As I read and learnt more I became more amazed at just how advanced they were, when I attended school we were taught nothing about any of these talents. The dark ages and before were never worth the learning.

They so are.

When I trashed the world for The Sefuty Chronicles and sent every one tumbling backwards to pre-industrialization, it was the old crafts I made them re-discover, the old ways of innovation. I was kind to my characters I left them the books if not the printing presses:) There is in fact a small difference of opinion running through, with two of the heroines at odds about whether decoration is essential enough to squander precious daylight hours on. Utilitarian v ornamentation. I suspect ornamentation will win. Everywhere I traveled around the world, peoples decorated themselves, their homes their chattels even their beasts of burdens. It appears to a deep rooted desire in our DNA.

 In the meantime I have been editing with NaEdNoMo – a challenge to do 50 hours of editing in the month of March. Despite having to change the tense and personal pronouns all the way through the manuscript the task proceeds well.

 On the blog front I have posted on the changes in food through my life time in When Spaghetti grew on trees., and the threat of the 1960s to an older generation Great Aunts and the danger of exposed flesh. Both here

Also my reading for The Literary Movement Challenge John Milton’s Areopagitica, one of the most influential calls for freedom of the presses, still resonating today.I also read Christopher Marlow’s Dr Faustus reviewed here.

The usual Musing Mondays and Writer’s Quote.

If you are looking for ROW80 it is here.

I have been preparing for the A-Z blog challenge next month. This is my 4th year now and because originally I only had one blog didyoueverkissafrog that is the traditional home for the A-Z. This year I gallop through my life of plants and wildlife mostly gardens of various forms. The early beginnings leading to my passion for the world in general and feeding into the books I write. So come April 1st didyoueverkissafrog will be given over to the journey.

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