The question of evil

Juno is full steam ahead for this month and I am hoping to Finish The Children’s Tale up to editing status. Being a bit of a coward I have left some of the more difficult bits until last:) This, the fourth tale in The Sefuty Chronicles is, as the title suggests, about children. The children who have inherited the mess left by their forebears. The children who are asked to step up and try to take on tasks they have no experience or guidance to do. Well, very little anyway.

Children in times of trouble and adversity, have to grow up quickly and become adults before the the age that many of us in the West consider correct.

One scene I have been struggling with is one where they discuss what is wickedness or evil and why is it? As over many decades I have pondered this subject myself and never come up with a definite answer to the question, I find it a puzzle as to how to write it for these children. Products of such a dysfunctional world, almost devoid of any kind of security, law or moral framework, how do they puzzle their way through the maze that greater minds than myself have struggled with and failed. How can they avoid or arm themselves against it if they do not understand what it is or isn’t?

Is it a given in the DNA or a learnt reaction? Can it be nulified or changed? Is it inevitable? Are their degrees of grey from black to white Most of all is there a constant across all cultures as to what is wickedness?

I am re-reading Mary Midglys book on the subject – Wickedness. I enjoy her books but they are slow going for me as I have no history in philosophy and there are so many references for me to read as I go along. Her style is easy and elegant and her teasing out of this question both fascinating and stimulating.

Whether or not it will help my children only time will tell.

In the meantime in between times I have finally posted my A-Z review/roundup - only a month late but as you know my machine was down. Also on Three Thing Thursday what made me smile/happy this last week.

My writer’s quote last week is one that effects me on almost every book /short story I have ever written – the pesky business of the ending:) I have also been pondering the subject of phobias.

Any who want ROW80 update, it is here a few hours late (I must do better or stop reading or gardening and get my posts written on time!:)


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