Of Mice & Memories

Way back, when I first penned Ellen’s Tale, I had a ‘humane dictator’ in charge of the City. He was and still is, in The Children’s Tale this the fourth part of The Sefuty Chronicles (WIP), a ‘good’ man, although my characters have conflicting views on that term ‘good’. I like the idea of a benevolent dictator even though those terms do not fit and never will.

Over the recent decades the knowledge of the lasting damage and pain caused by PTSD  (post-traumatic stress disorder) has become more widely known among the public; research was ongoing to find the best way to treat it. Combined with a (almost) lifelong interest into the ways that the mind can be changed (brain washing, propaganda etc) this was one aspect of a soldier’s life I decided the science would move forward on, over the coming decades, to something worthwhile and real.

So in his care of the child soldiers under his command my dictator set up the mind manipulation rooms, where the horrors of war could be softened.  Removal isn’t always the best option as the memory of stressful and dangerous events can help us deal with future events.  This is a dictatorship so I had removal kept as a form of punishment!

I was told by some of my friends that this wouldn’t happen,  I think they didn’t want to believe it! but they did not read the science journals, it was happening, I told them. As Ellen’s Tale was being written the brain was being examined in all its wonderful complexity.

This year nine years on I have been reading of the research on mice and memories and the hope for PTSD sufferers. Maybe my dictator was onto something:)

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