My little nut tree

It is funny the way inspiration strikes. The suddenness of it all sometimes appears to suggest the idea has popped up out of nowhere. A stray and passing thought roped in and corralled long enough to pin into some substantive thought.

Of course, it may have an element of that. However, the other day, when I was looking around for something to write for my writers group down here on earth, with the subject of fruit and or nut, and with no idea if it was to be fiction or non fiction, no idea if I was to write on one or both.

No idea at all, and only a couple of days to produce something. I do not believe I should not have something as it is my group and leaders should always lead:)

Then a glimmer of an idea took over, I jotted three words down.Note form. Wondering how I could enlarge it.

Then I began writing, for an hour, ending with a complete short story. A take on the nursery rhyme of a nutmeg bearing tree. Now,

A) I haven’t thought about that rhyme for at least thirty years maybe longer.

B) The tale was right out of my personal historical past, when I read it to my friend from forever/editor she laughed at the obviousness of it.

C) I did not realise, when writing it, that it was me in the tale.

The other members of my writing group recognised the rhyme – they were meant to, but not knowing me as well as friend from forever did not pick up on just how personal it was.

It was the smoothest easiest short story I had ever written.

Of course, it will need a great deal of tweaking to remove my angst from it. A great of polishing to fill in detail and layers but I was amazed at where it had come.

Had the idea been sitting waiting patiently until the door opened a chink.

Been raging in the darkness angry at being denied.

Or did my imp of a whimsy pick up an assortment of ideas and experiences and chuck them through the door at me.

Who knows but it was fun:)

Next month my members have chosen the police alphabet from Alpha, Beta right through to Zulu for the subject. Write something to include every word in no particular order! At least I have a month as opposed to the three days on that tree.

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