Missed May:(

I have been missing for a month now, due to a crashed Internet connection. It is sorted, except for one e-mail address:(

 It is not so much the inconvenience of not being connected – I am not a great Facebook fan, neither am I on Twitter constantly. However, during the course of years of being here in cyberspace one gathers commitments. I join things – challenges, networking connections. I say I will do things on a regular basis. These connections are only here in cyberspace, I cannot pick up a phone and say, sorry won’t be able to post such and such tomorrow.

I do not like letting people down like that .It is rude. But not so much my rudeness. A friend from down here managed to send a message to one site., and my local village library to another couple. Being without for a few hours or a day is not a problem, but it is scary how much we want (I say want rather then need!) the Internet.

 Anyway  I am back. I was going to post a couple of times last month on short story writing and I might still do so, a bit behind of May which was write A Story a Day month. This is the month each year that I work on my short stories, gathering together odd ideas, drafted scenarios and try and lick them into some kind of form and structure. They can be polished later; one a day does not for polished story make:)

As i mentioned last time, my friend from forever/editor had requested I produce another reworked fairy tale/nursery rhyme book of short stories this year, so ever obedient that is what I devoted most of the month too. However thirty one stories are not needed in that genre so I also worked on the ordinary shorts I had started last year. It was a good month of indulging in the darker side of my imagination! It does always amaze me how dark that can be. I spend hours dreaming up gloriously nasty but deserved fates for my characters. On the surface I appear to be a perfectly harmless, if untidy, overweight, old woman.

 You just never can tell.

 This month is JunoWrMo a writing challenge to write 50000 words in the month of June. I am hopeful that The Children’s Tale will be finished by the end of June. While I have been editing I have ripped out a big chunk from the middle, which needs replacing, and the end needs re-writing. So fingers crossed. The children have really taken this story between their hands and are determined to give their side of the events.They have dictated where to go and what to reveal. They keep their secrets.

 So now I am back online, hopefully I will be blogging again this week, with all the usual. About books on Monday and maybe Friday, on Life, Tuesday, Writers Quote on Wednesday, something to smile about on Thursday, and a piece about words on Friday.

 That’s the plan.

It’s good to have a plan.

Maybe I need a plan B as well:)

ROW80 update here

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