Mess with our food at our peril.

Then we were taken to the seed bank. Well, it was, as I could see Ellen thought it would be, the highlight of the day. The Security was intense but the results were well worth it. It may not seem that exciting to look at, not like the Library, but oh all those drawers filled with the future of life. Many of them no longer have a niche Outside to grow in but still the Scientists germinate and grow them to collect the fresh seed and store it for that magical ‘one day’ that we all know we’ll never see.        Ellen’s Tale by Alberta Ross

From the very beginning of The Sefuty Chronicles food security has been at its heart. Sefuty itself stands for it; Se & ty = security, Fu= food(as pronounced). No matter what happens to us  or the world in the future, food security is still the most vital aspect of living.

Always has been and always will. There is a long history of collapsing civilizations, when the lack of food security has driven the demise of mighty empires and nations.

We mess with food supplies at our peril.

I have blogged before about how precarious our hold on this security is. Natural disaster, or man made one. The global economy binds us all together in the world in a frightening way. I cannot quote other countries, but this small overcrowded island is self sufficient only to the tune of 58.9%, despite the government of the day, back after the 2nd world war, declaring we should become self sufficient in the matter of food we import. We have 65 million people (and rising) to feed and have areas already designated ‘arid’ zones – when I was at school ‘arid’ zones belonged somewhere overseas.

Okay, most of us here could survive on half what we eat now, if something drastic happened, but for how long, and how well?

 All food comes from seeds. Even the meat and milk, grass feeds the animals who provide it. Our wood and many of our fabrics come from seeds. Life on earth as we know it would not have flourished, nor will it, without the humble seed. So when we allow governments to pander to powerful companies on the matter of seeds, allows them to dictate what and how our farmers can select and grow seed, meddle with diversity, and say okay to monoculture, there comes again and again those moments when, stunned by disbelief as to the stupidity of politicians, one  yells

‘When will we ever learn’

 ‘Doesn’t history teach us anything’.

This country doesn’t have to go far back in our history to remember the Great Hunger in Ireland when that country lost a million  from starvation , when the potato crop they relied on failed, then a million more emigrated. If our conveys had not prevailed during the Second World War we probably would not, as a country, have survived.

Still, today, millions are on the move because without the food, or the means to produce the food, people are forced to either die or move.

Mankind’s stupid gene means we don’t ever learn our lessons, how can we be so clever and yet so stupid at the same time?

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