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Still not fully into writing in that I haven’t touch The Children’s Tale since before Christmas.  I have been brooding over it, writing it in my head and composing new dialogue in my imagination.  Over the past week I have also drafted two short stories to write up In May.  so not entirely idle!

I have been blogging and the results can be seen here where I have posted for 3 Thing Thursday and about Scrumbles and art journals, also here where last years reading challenges and this years attempt at the same are discussed.  Over here I have posted another short piece on words and a quote from Rudyard Kipling as well as my ROW80 update.

I have also started up a second twitter account for readers and writers and all to do with them, so if anyone would like to join in and follow the 2nd account is @al_berta_ross The more the merrier.


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