Late but wishing you happy 2015 + why do we say. . . ?

The air around is noisy with happy new year salutations – hopeful resolutions and new beginnings. I gave up years ago making ‘resolutions’ working out, oh so slowly, that the minute I vowed to do something I immediately wanted to do the opposite.

I make goals now, set challenges, which matter not if I finish. This old lady has learnt.

However, I do find it very heartening that we have this wish to begin afresh each year. That we are still able to view the way ahead with hope and optimism.

If we succeed in keeping new resolutions then well done, but not succeeding in keeping them and turning over those hopeful leaves is not a problem it is the not starting at all, that is the pity. Hope springs eternal etc maybe cliched but stays around because it’s true – hope for better things is what puts the smile on face and the spring in the step.

 I have goals for my writing this year which can be found on ROW80 . I have also begun a series on English words, idioms, sayings, etc and in the future some of my heroes of the English language, which promises to be interesting.

 Impossible challenges for reading, I am something of a book junkie.

 For my other blogs I have joined a couple of weekly shorts and hope (you notice it is not a promise:) to blog more often on all subjects I’m interested in. Including a couple of life challenges in the craft and exercise areas.

 In the meantime here’s wishing you all a good 2015

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