Is there a universal ‘wrong’

So JuNo finishes in a few days and The Children’s Tale has shaped up reasonably well this month. I didn’t have to resolve the problem the children have with what is evil, as why would they be able to solve the problem no-one else can? But their puzzle has left my brain struggling again to work out the whys and wherefores of the question.

The news is full of varying aspects of the question as it always seems to be. If only it was as straight forward as the press would have us believe. The results are clear, in whichever country we belong, whichever culture we participate in. However, the acts of violence and ‘un-natural’ behaviours often are only wrong depending on one’s viewpoint. The instigator would, one supposes, believe they are right indeed in cases ‘know’ they should act in these ways.

So is there an universal ‘wrongdoing’, an universal evil that every person in the world could agree upon?

There does appear to be behaviour in every culture which is considered ‘wrong’, which is morally suspect – morally to that particular culture – if not to ours, although many of them are similar. Humanity have the same basic needs and rules to ensure them however even though humans do have a keen sense of ‘wrong’; the tangle my brain gets into is whether behaviour can be judged fairly, if there is no universal wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a product of my time and culture as much as anyone and do pass judgement on others when my moral code is transgressed. But the world often makes no sense when I read the papers, try and absorb the calamities f the world that unfolds day after day, when I struggle to think of what possible answers there could be. When I make fictional children endeavour to pass judgements which may have an impact on their tomorrows.

Musing Monday found me with six books lined up to read!

Tuesday found me dancing through life fromballet to line via belly dance

The Wednesday writers quote was about ‘splendid moments in time’

I sneaked an extra smile in on Thursday

And because of series four of The Game of Thrones pondered ‘cide’ words.

Not an idle week and with a little effort I will make my 50000 words for JuNo by the end of this coming week so feeling reasonably satisfied.

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