Alberta Ross: Author.

welcome to her web page

Here can be found details of Alberta’s publications


Ellen’s Tale

The Storyteller’s Tale

Jack’s Tale

Also Alberta’s short story collections


A Patchwork of Perspectives


The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al

Alberta’s publications, excerpts and details of where they can be purchased.  A little of the history behind them.  Alberta will also be showing the ideas and reading which helped to inspire the Chronicles.

Alberta in the real world loves talking and up here in cyberspace she loves to blog,

about the interests and influences which inspired the Sefuty Chronicles

about her writing, bloghops and guests on All things writing

                                             books she has read, can be found on Alberta reads.

Alberta also blogs on her many interests in life, connections and memories on Did you ever kiss a frog

Alberta’s books can be purchased  in e-book  edition at

smashwords in multi ebook formats

amazon for Kindle

and for print edition at


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