Genes and bionic limbs

When I set out to write The Sefuty Chronicles most of the speculative science included in the stories was based,I hoped, on realistic achievements by the time of the setting.

We are without doubt a very clever and innovative primate, if not always the most ethical. Science and technology leaps ahead of control daily. We should tread carefully, indeed the various ethic committees are busy,busy busy dealing with the problems.

One of the most exciting strands, to me anyway, has been the strides that DNA manipulation progresses.

I worry about the way it will go when it strays form the compassionate ideals of helping those with genetic disorders, however, the fact of their doing is enough to marvel at. The technology advances required for the apparatus of these scientific breakthroughs are equally amazing to a techno-phobe, non-scientist such as I.

Some readers have not liked what I have written although, at the same time, admitting humanity might well be able to change a human into something not quite human by the end of this century. New limbs which merge seamlessly into the flesh and inner mechanics of our mind are practically here there will be no effort in the future. If of course we haven’t spoilt our chances of enjoying these advances by trashing the planet so effectively there is not the wherewithal to pursue the science.

This week I have been catching up on the state of the bionic limbs , it is a short step to clothing the robotics in flesh! and the manipulation of genes. 

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