A million people on the move

I have been missing from here for a long while but not been idle – promise you.

It was a mixed summer last year. While the draft editing and structuring of The Children’s Tale (the Fourth in The Sefuty Chronicles) gathered momentum the international news went from bad to worse. In Ellen’s Tale (the first of the Chronicles, published in 2009) an old man declares the northern part of the world committed genocide on a massive scale by refusing to help the flood of refugees from the effects of climate change on the southern half of the world, lack of land,famine and war driving them to the North. In this the fourth instalment of my dystopian world the refugees are home grown, as law and order has broken down.  The refugees are chiefly women and children, fleeing from raiders and gangs, homeless, starving and ill.

It was difficult to write Ellen’s Tale even though I was imagining the scenario in the future, it has been even more difficult to write this last year knowing that over a million displaced people are actually on the move.

 They are displaced by war primarily, however, the problems in many of these countries have food as an ever present strand in their problems. They flee war, famines, no hope, they are risking their lives on the sea, walking, walking thousands of miles, hoping for a life.

 It has felt voyeuristic writing about this misery while it is unfolding on our doorstep.watching the comments on the news – the ill feeling toward these desperate people rising in volume as I foretold in Ellen’s Tale. Of course not as yet as violent as I had written back in 2009.

 Can the politicians stop the crisis growing or will they yet again make things worse.


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