A disaster or progress for mankind?

This last week the British Parliament voted 382 to 128, to allow the ‘three parent family’.

Mitochondrial disease affects approx. 2,473 women in the UK.  Not many, you from larger populations may say, actually not many for us who only have 60 million people in the Islands.  But for each of those women there is the fact of either suffering themselves and or passing it on to their children.  It can only be passed on through the female line .  Men do not have this particular DNA.

A break through, a disaster, a travesty or progress?. The arguments split people into two camps.

The Mitochondrial DNA from a healthy donor (one without the disease) is transfered into the egg and the diseased DNA removed.  No worse than  normal IVF one would think.

Ah well, it is different, in that the new DNA will be transfered down through the generations. DNA from ‘three parents’ for all time.

Those for it say this will wipe out the disease as each new generation will be protected. Good news. The Scientists point out there are only37 genes involved as opposed to 20,00 genes from the parents.

Those against fear for unknown consequences later with the change in DNA permanent. Pointing out just a handful of damaged genes can cause problems.  They fear the changing humanity as we know it.

I manipulated the gene pool in The Sefuty Chronicles, because I truly felt that once scientists can do something remarkable they always will do it. Mankind doesn’t seem to able to stop.

But I am an author, it matters not if I change the DNA of humanity:) It is a story. No harm done. Back in 2012 during an A-Z challenge I wrote about transhumanisim and the scientist’s wish to improve all out lives and wondered then, who holds the brilliance to order. I still wonder but I can see no-one is yet.

The power of the new on our imaginations too powerful, always has been.

The wish to have a child too powerful a force to say – don’t do it adopt instead.

The increasing knowledge and intelligence? of mankind knows no master.

I shall miss the result of this latest experiment in our journey from the caves. Pity I would like to know how it goes.

In the meantime this week due to computer failure I have not blogged much but you can find the connection between ballroom, acapella and a town mayor, also my Monday Musing about art from old books and a quote from Chesterton.

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