Where did April go!:)

The A- Z Blog Challenge is over for another year. It is an indulgence of mine to wear myself out writing 26 blogs following a theme. This year it was all about the gardens of my life and the influence they had on me. More memoir than fiction.

 This month though is write A Story a Day month. Of course to write 30 stories in a month is not to be expecting either very long or very polished stories, however it does concentrate the mind well.

 I was requested by my friend from forever/editor to bring out another book of reworked fairy tales. We authors take note of our editors, if we have sense. I did point out I was still struggling to bring out The Children’s Tale! Do both she says!

Actually a break from WIP might just be the answer to the present writer’s block. I will spend this month drafting fairy tales. Nothing ‘nice’ about them I hasten to add. Fairies, trolls, elves and their like are nasty vindictive, vengeful beasties and magic usually has a sting:)

 I don’t need 30 of them so might have a go at some more normal short stories.

 Time enough next month when I start JuNoWrMo, writing 50,000 words during June, to finish The Children’s Tale.

 While I have been missing I have not blogged elsewhere than didyoueverkissafrog where the A-Z of my gardens reside.

Those looking for ROW80 updates they are here

 Will back to speed next week.

 Take care all of you:)

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